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  • VW Id Buzz
    VW ID Buzz | Marc and David (MaD)
  • General ELectric
    General Electric | Melanie Cleary
  • Mercedes Benz 125 Year Celebration
    Mercedes Benz Patent Motorwagen | Torsten Klinkow
  • S. Moda
    S Moda | Kristian Schuller
  • Vw Amarok
    VW Amarok  | Marc and David (MaD)
  • S.Oliver
    S. Oliver | Guy Lowndes

South Africa | Portugal

Who we are

We are Prinz Productions. Founded in 1998, we offer comprehensive production support globally for Photo and Film shoots including campaigns, transportation, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, stock, TVC’s, BHS, online content & social media, documentaries and music videos.

We have offices in both Cape Town and Lisbon.

We set high professional and artistic standards, watch the budget carefully and minimize the stress, creating an organised environment in which creativity can flourish, allowing your dreams to come to life.

With us anything and everything is possible. No project is too small or too big. You dream it, we make it happen.

We are competitively priced, cost effective and always deliver on time.


photography & Film production

Erto - Antti Viitala
Erto | Antti Viitala
Carling, Ida Bjorvik
Carling | Ida Bjorvik
Citroen C4L - 01TK
Citroen c4L |  Torsten Klinkow
Dansk Magazine - Nicolai Fischer
Dansk Magazine | Nikolai Fischer
Weleda | Sam Mardini
Total - Michael Warren
Total | Michael Warren
Bruno Banani - Jens Ihnken
Bruno Banani | Jens Ihnken
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz Patent Motorwagen | Tortsen Klinkow
Metsa - Antti Viitala
Metsa | Antti Viitala
Stihl Calendar - Esther Haase
Stihl | Esther Haase
Whitestuff - Grant Warren
Whitestuff | Grant Warren
Harper Bazaar Germany
Harpers Bazaar | Mauro Mongiello
Lidl | Stefan Schmid
  • PIcard
  • Picard
  • Picard
Picard | Jens Ihnken
Helen Fischer - Kristian Schuller
Helene Fischer | Kristian Schuller
Texmoda - Antti Viitala
Texmoda | Antti Viitala
  • Volkswagen Amarok Panamericana
  • Volkswagen Amarok Panamericana
VW Amarok Panamericana | Marc and David (MaD)
Elle - Gertjan Welters
Elle | Gertjan Welters
Avon Senses - Stephen Greeff
Avon Senses | Stephen Greeff
Widex | Gavin Mulligan
Bruno Banani - Jens Ihnken
Bruno Banani | Jens Ihnken
Elle - Gertjan Welters
Stylebop | Andreas Ordner
VW ID Buzz
VW Id Buzz | Marc and David (MaD)
Widex | Bjark Johansen
Aigle - Jonanthan Glynn-Smith
Aigle | Jonathan Glynn-Smith
Fynch Hatton - Hans van Brakel
Fynch Hatton | Hans Van Brakel
Aigle - Julia Noni
Aigle | Julia Noni
Aigle - Phillip North Combes
Aigle | Phillip North Combes
Fynch Hatton
Chevrolet Cruz - Torsten Klinkow
Chevrolet Cruz | Torsten Klinkow
Citroen - Torsten Klinkow
Citroen | Torsten Klinkow
Citroen - Torsten Klinkow
Citroen | Torsten Klinkow
Whitestuff | Mark Shearwood
Numero Tokyo
Numero Tokyo | Mauro Mongiello
Bruno Banani
Tom Tailor
Tom Tailor | Anders Overgaard
Tom Tailor
Tom Tailor | Anders Overgaard
Stora Enzo
Stora Enso | Nico Backstrom
Lidl - Stranbar
Lidl | Stefan Schmid
Westlife Lighthouse | Jonathan Glynn-Smith
VW Amarok
VW Amarok Aventura | Marc and David (MaD)
Harpers Bazaar
Harpers Bazaar | Mauro Mongiello
FHM | Jens Schmidt
S Moda | Kristian Schuller
S Moda
S Moda | Kristian Schuller

what we do

  • We present and source locations, models, crew, equipment, props and specialist services.
  • We organize castings, permissions, set building, SFX and art direction.
  • We take care of catering, accommodation, insurance, travel, transport and budget management.
  • We are competitively priced, cost effective and always deliver on time.
  • We have cutting edge technology, awe-inspiring locations, experienced crew and outstanding suppliers.
  • We research and find new and interesting shoot possibilities all over the globe.
Whitestuff - Grant Warren
Whitestuff | Grant Warren

Where We've Been

Fynch Hatton
Fynch Hatton | Roger Webber

We have produced in South Africa, Portugal, Namibia, Mauritius, Zanzibar, Mexico, France, USA and Mozambique. We have permanent offices in both Cape Town and Lisbon.

It has been a remarkable journey, with many incredible shoots. Sharing the passion to create continues to excite and energize our team.

We are always looking ahead, which is integral to seeing ourselves as solution finders rather than problem solvers. Although we’re a boutique production service company with a focus on personal attention, we always aspire to do BIG things. The future is bright and we embrace it! Come and share it with us.

Who We've Worked For

Boden, Campus, Crew clothing, Jack Wills, Glamour, Carling, Popken, Sweaty Betty, Betty Barclay, S Moda, Harpers Bazaar, Numero Tokyo, Stylebop, Peter Hahn, Sabic, Widex, Animonda, Kiabi, Peek & Cloppenburg, Sparkasse, Only, Kiddy, DK Company, Mercedes, Porsche, HSBC, Shell, VW, Total, Vogue, Canon, Chevrolet, Citroen, Marie Claire, Otto, S Oliver, Snickers, Puma, Deichmann, FHM, Helen Fischer, Jack & Jones, Kevin Murphy, OBI, Pandora, Sony, Tom Tailor, Universal Studios, Whitestuff, Aigle, C&A, Electrolux, Elle, Stihl, GQ, Best Seller, Oxfam Novib, Volksfuersorge, Union Investment, Widex, Stockmann, Vera Moda, Hallhuber, Husqvarna, Foetex, Mens Health, Panache, See Buy Fly, Bon Prix, Avon, Breuninger, Bilka, Bauer, Finnair, Quelle, Millets, Karstadt, JYSK, Mountain Warehouse, Salling, Post Finance, Swisscard, Fynch Hatton, Hitl, Hornbach, Lascana, Lidl, Picard, Weleda

Prinx Production Clients

what they say

Widex | Bjark Johansen

"It's a well-known fact that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself... or you can work with Prinz Productions! Prinz Productions understand our needs and what is important to us, all we need to do is concentrate on taking beautiful images, all logistical aspects are taken care of in the most elegant way whilst providing the most sublime service... It's an absolute pleasure working with them. With Prinz Productions I feel that I have found a partner that understands all my wishes, my location needs, model briefs and prop requirements... I have never heard the word "impossible..." I can only highly recommend these guys."

Lars Simonsen (Creative director, EnVision Advertising Company Ltd. Denmark)

Contact Us

South Africa
+27 21 447 74 37

+351 932 275 091

Lidl | Stefan Schmid
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