South Africa    &    Portugal

Why come to Cape Town?
A new summer season in South Africa 2018/2019.


Stills productions in Cape Town by Prinz Productions, 2018-2019

The South African season is kicking off in style with two teams having already been to Zanzibar and finishing in Cape Town – think soft sandy beaches, beach bars and spice island magic.

Cape Town winter rains have replenished our dams to 75% of capacity and the water restrictions have been lifted, from level 6B to level 5. The severe drought is over and visitors to the Mother City will have more than enough water for showers and comfortable living. Water locations like dams will also now be more attractive than ever.

Spring has brought a wonderful green landscape of wildflowers to the Western Cape through August and September, and we’re heading into summer beach time!

Stills productions in Zanzibar by Prinz Productions, 2018-2019

The rand currency is weak right now against the euro, pound sterling and US dollar, which makes it even more affordable for you to come and shoot your productions here in South Africa. On average it’s at least 30% cheaper than shooting elsewhere.

And Prinz Productions is on a roll of celebration, as 2018 marks our 20 year anniversary in the production industry. We’d like to thank our amazing loyal clients and creatives that have inspired us over the years to make their dreams come to life, and of course all our local production crew that have contributed to making 20 years of fantastic memories. Our business is about people, and it’s been our pleasure!

Join us this season for another memorable production, anywhere, any time.

Photo productions in Cape Town by Prinz Productions, 2018-2019