South Africa    &    Portugal



Meet Sebastian and Bianca on the 15th of November between 12pm and 8pm at this year’s Update in Berlin. Titanic Hotel, Chausseestrasse 30, 10115 Berlin. We have a stand this year so come in for a catch up and the chance to win some amazing South African and Portuguese wines. You’ll also have the chance to speak to them in person to find out what we’ve been up to, what we have to offer and to get inspiration for your upcoming productions.


Both our offices in Cape Town and Lisbon have had a steady flow of clients throughout the year including S Oliver, Tom Tailor, Breuninger, Otto, Union Investment, Weleda, Peek and Cloppenburg, Poetry, Peter Hahn, Post Finance and Elle to name a few.

As always our teams have delivered beyond expectation resulting in quotes such as this:

“…….alle anderen Faktoren und die gute Betreuung durch dein Team haben mit dazu beigetragen, dass wir alle auf eine Produktion zurück schauen können die einfach perfekt war und jedem ein Lächeln auf die Lippen gezaubert hat”.
Stephan Brammen (CD @ Herr Brammen).

We’re starting our production season in Cape town now, and our willing and able team are looking forward to receiving your briefs at We are happy to send you a presentation to get you in the MOOD.

Prinz Productions