South Africa    &    Portugal

Remote Production Solutions

With travel being limited at the moment due to travel bans or lack of commercial flights we have prepared a set of adjusted production services to allow our clients to continue their communication using the beautiful locations and skilled industry of South Africa, while staying safe.

We have both the technology and skilled Operators to give our clients the ability to seamlessly direct shoots from afar. With the product sent to us and all our local talent and crew able to meet your standards, we make sure that the show goes on.


We’ve been doing video castings for you for years, so what’s added now is interactive castings with you ‘being’ in the room, live.

Location Scouting And Presenting

Using either live or pre-recorded video as well as 360 footage, combined with our online tools we can give you a great sense of locations optioned to minimise the amount of people required to be on location up to and on the shooting day.

We can also provide a LIVE FEED, either as a regular video or as 360 so the agency and client can review and confirm the locations without having to travel with the core crew.

Shoot Days

These are the current options put simply while CORE internationals are not travelling.

Basic Solution: Digi Op Handles Screenshare via Laptop.

DigiOp with Router and additional software to support screen-sharing, remote capture pilot for viewing as imagery comes off camera. Our only caution here is the additional workload may reduce the Digital Operators output due to juggling work requirements.

You could add in an additional second laptop to be the dedicated Zoom station, but the above caution applies.

If your shoot is slow paced in terms of required shots, or on a tighter budget, this is the solution for you.

Should you require external routers + data from a network provider - it is about 2gb per hour of streaming required.


More Immersive: Separate: Streaming Station & Extra Angles

In this situation the Digital Operator handles tethering, Remote Capture and Screen Share - but an additional station with a Broadcast Operator is provided along with 2 GoPros for streaming additional angles of the set.

This allows for 2 separate camera angles on the conference call laptop along with the above screen sharing and remote viewing of CaptureOne.

Senior Digi-Technician with a Broadcast Technician who handles the second station, supporting Digi with Streaming Requirement, client communications. This is a dedicated Zoom call w/ Multi Cameras, which includes 2 x GoPro, 2 x Tripod, Cables, Pro-Zoom, CaptureOne Tunnel, Rain Router w/Unlimited Data.


Advanced Networking Requirements

Should you require signal repeaters, routers with redundancy built in for signal dropping etc. We would need to understand your requirements further prior to providing costing. It comes down to how remote locations are. Equipment is highly dependent on location and requirements.


We know that every shoot and every client is different, with different needs, goals and expectations and we want to help you find the right solution for your next shoot. Let’s find your best solution together!