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On Location in Namibia

After one of our colleagues has just returned from a holiday in Namibia and was once again blown away by the stunning scenery we use this as a great reminder of what a fantastic place it is to shoot!

Here’s a quick run down of some of the practicalities of putting together a stills or film productions there, answering questions we are most often asked:

When to go, logistics, local support

Namibia is a country half the size of South Africa with a fraction of the population, so really large.
It is an all-year-round destination. Dependent on whether it is inland or on the coast, wind and heat are the factors to take into consideration.
Since a lot of the locations are in out of the way places, it is important to have local support to make productions, especially in the desert, comfortable. We are happy to have good, reliable and strong local support for this.

Which areas of Namibia are most effective for shooting?

Prinz has shot a number of very diverse locations:

Luderitz (Kolmanskop) is where you find the beautiful old diamond town taken over by the sand ;
Walvis/Swakopmund is the best and most accessible option for magnificent dune shooting and is where we shot with PICARD

A favourite of ours is the southern Keetmanshoop quiver tree forest, which is not far from the Fish River Canyon. It is a carbon copy of the Grand Canyon, just smaller.

A story between Luderitz, Keetmanshoop AND the Fish River Canyon could make you feel that you are in the USA and beyond!

Any specific information about shooting there we need to know?
You need a work permit to shoot in Namibia. It is easily applied for which we assist with.
Most gear, props and specialist crew come from SA, but there is plenty of grip and unit equipment available in Namibia for rental, including some top set builders.
Cost-wise, with the currency being at 1 to 1 with the South African rand, costs are similar to shooting in SA and, depending on the locations chosen, it can be an even cheaper option.

Here's a post on one of our productions in Namibia last year

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