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Greetings from Lisbon

Greetings from Lisbon

Our Portugal season has already kicked off in style and we're happy to announce that our new office in Lisbon is now fully equipped and ready for action, with a few refinements that make our operations even smoother.

Bianca and Michelle in Lisbon

At the helm in Lisbon is Bianca, who many of you will know from your Cape Town productions and from Portugal in previous seasons. As always she brings her passion and excitement to every task and is loving being back in Portugal full time this season.

A fantastic new addition to the Prinz Productions family is Michelle. She is Portuguese and not only does she have all the in depth local knowledge, but also brings heaps of experience and shares our passion for the production industry.

Our office is centrally located and has a brilliant "in house" studio, which is a bonus for every production. The warehouse building housing the office spaces is called "Todos" which means "All" in Portuguese. Here people from all nationalities, walks of life and interests come together. We have H&Mup artists, stylists, local photographers within our reach. It's a very creative setting with an excellent atmosphere for a great work experience.

Now we'd love to welcome you and your productions to Lisbon! The weather is good and only getting better and our location database is growing rapidly. Lisbon is a city of diversity and offers endless possibilities for exciting and successful productions.

Office/Studio space, Todos, in Lisbon

Our new office/studio space, Todos, ready to go!

Locations around Lisbon

Locations in and around Lisbon