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Film Cape Town Launches Website

Film Cape Town is fabulous new joint initiative between the City of Cape Town and the Cape Town film industry.

We're loving their newly launched website showcasing the project, which brings together useful information on the city’s amazing locations, diverse talent pool and world class infrastructure. The film industry in Cape Town is already thriving, but initiatives like this serve to consolidate all our resources and shine a spotlight on what makes Cape Town such a fantastic place to bring any film production.

According to Film Cape Town these are the areas that make our city such a great film destination:

  • The best light in the world
  • The world in one city
  • A diverse talent pool
  • The fastest growing new media sector in Africa
  • The most water resilient film city in the world
  • More bang for your buck

Cape Town - the best light in the worldCape Town - the world in one cityCape Town - The fastest growing new media sector in AfricaCape Town - The most water resilient film city in the worldCape Town - More bang for your buck

… just about sums it up for us!

The site will include all the latest industry news and info and collect together all the resources that Cape Town has to offer the international film industry. The website is brand new and still putting together it’s directories of service providers, but there’s already a wealth of useful information to explore.

Looking forward to more of the world’s film industry coming to Cape Town and discovering the joys of filming here!