South Africa    &    Portugal

Covid 19 Visa Requirements And Travel Regulations For South Africa

Based on the WHO guidelines, countries are being categorized into three categories namely High, Medium and Low risk.

All travellers, including Oversight and Specialists, travelling from High Risk Countries for business purposes, must first obtain a special permission letter from DHA prior to traveling / going to see a mission for a visa. Prinz Productions will be able to assist with obtaining these permission letters together with the FIVA letter.

Click here to see which Countries are considered High risk (note this gets updated every two weeks)

  • If you are an Oversight traveller from a low to medium risk country, and you have a FIVA Letter – you can proceed straight to your flight without needing a visa or special permission.
  • If you are an Oversight traveller from a high-risk country, you need a FIVA letter, and Prinz Productions needs to obtain permission for you to travel – and you need both of these before being able to fly.
  • If you are a Specialist – nothing changes, you need to apply at a mission as per directive 2 of 2020 – the only difference is, Prinz Productions will need to obtain additional permission for you prior to you applying for your visa – which you need to take with to the mission.
  • If you live in a visa non-exempt Country, Directive 2 of 2020 applies – everyone needs a visa – but those from a high risk non visa exempt country also need special permission before going to apply for the visa.

Please read Directive 2 of 2020 - Click Here.

Health and other requirements:

In Addition to the requirements as per Directive 2 of 2020 and these new requirements for special permission that Prinz Productions obtains for you, EVERYONE needs to comply with the following COVID 19 Requirements:

  • You must have a certified PCR negative test no older than 72 hours prior to departure with you. This needs to be a physical document which is signed and dated by a medical professional. (Prinz Productions suggest that you make a certified copy of this and keep both documents very safe – without it you will have no end of trouble)
  • You must have Travel insurance and present this at port of entry – the travel insurance must include cover for a covid test and potential quarantine expenses.
  • You must have proof of accommodation on paper when reporting to port of entry – this proof of accommodation must match that which you stated in your FIVA letter.
  • You must have a FIVA letter printed in colour and presented at Port of Entry.
  • You must download the Covid19 App upon arrival.
  • Productions must stick to strict Covid Protocols on Set

The only times you would potentially quarantine are:

  • If you arrive at Port of entry without a PCR test or with an outdated or incorrect (not signed or dated by a health Professional) PCR Negative test – you will be forced into mandatory Government Quarantine at your own cost.
  • If you arrive at port of entry and you show symptoms of Covid19, and you present a properly certified PCR negative test- you will be tested again and you will have to self-Isolate at the accommodation you have indicated in your accommodation booking.

It is false information that travellers from High Risk Countries automatically need to quarantine.

Please do not hesitate to get hold of us should you have any questions or if you are unsure about anything. We are here to support and help you through the process.

Your Prinz Team