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1998 – 2018: 20 Year Celebration of Prinz Productions

To mark the 20 year Anniversary of Prinz Productions, AND the launch of our new website, we caught up with Sebastian Prinz – founder of Prinz Productions. Enjoy!

For 20 years you have been offering production services. Tell us a little bit more about your work.

20 years is a serious milestone for our industry, which can be quite fickle at times. I think the secret to our success is that over the 20 years we have grown slowly allowing our structures and systems to grow organically. We have been able to do this by limiting the number of teams we take on at any given time, which also allows us to give our clients the undivided attention they expect. We have pretty much produced everything our industry has to offer from small test shoots for photographers to massive worldwide campaigns for global conglomerates. Although we are a small boutique company, we always aspire to do big things. As the saying goes "Small enough to care but big enough to cope".

Celebrate 20 years with us – you have been part of the journey!

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You started with Cape Town and nowadays you also have an office in Lisbon?

This was kind of a natural progression in order to optimize a full year of production service. The winters in Cape Town are generally quite slow as most of our clients are producing in Europe over that time. In order to capitalize on this, we needed to find a European base to operate from and Lisbon was the perfect solution, having great infrastructure, amazing crews, incredible location diversity and a all-round, good value for money destination. It also meant that our clients could rely on receiving the same quality of service they’ve come to expect from us. Portugal has got a lot of similarities to South Africa and they complement each other well.

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Helene Fischer recently produced her new video in South Africa – can you tell a little bit more about this production? Director was photographer Kristian Schuller?

Thanks to Kristian Schuller we got to work with this amazing artist. It really was quite an amazing shoot. Initially we did not know who Helene Fischer is as she is not known in south Africa, which is probably one of the reasons why she wanted to shoot her video here. She is incredibly modest and does not want red carpet treatment. An absolute pleasure to work with. Kristian himself is quite a high-profile celebrity himself, and his work is absolutely amazing. It was an absolute a privilege to work with both of them.

Helene Fischer - Teaser - Viva la vida
Cape Town 2018

There are a lot of photographers, directors and agencies that are producing stills and film in both SA and Portugal. Why should they work with you?

Because we are down to earth, no nonsense people. What you see is what you get. Plus, we can do it all, anywhere, anytime.

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Any hidden treasures, super hip recommendations for galleries, locations, restaurants, institutions, designers etc?

You’ll have to contact us to find out or check out our blog and newsletters more regularly. Our new website is now live. Check it out. Its got all the info about us and some stunning imagery of work we’ve done.

Featured Location - Singita Lebombo