South Africa    &    Portugal

Sebastian Prinz - Prinz Productions
Sebastian Prinz - Founding Partner

Sebastian Prinz

Founder of Prinz Productions, having worked in the industry for almost 30 years, he brings a wealth of knowledge and know-how to the Prinz team. If there is anything or anyone you need to know, he is your man. A member of the SAASP Exco, Sebastian will be able to tell you about the ins and outs of the South African industry. Fluent in German, Sebastian is a nature man at heart and spends his free time either in the ocean or on the mountains.

Andre Loftus - Prinz Productions
André Loftus - Partner

André Loftus

André joined the Prinz team in 2005 and soon became a partner in 2008. His love of travel and positive attitude pioneered our Portugal office and helped grow the company into what it is today. His strength is in logistical and creative planning and thrives in making our jobs happen in far out-of-the-way places. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Married with two kids, he is our office family man.

Bianca Scherr - Prinz Productions
Bianca Scherr - Portugal

Bianca Scherr

Another German speaker AND heading up our Lisbon office. Bianca is a force of nature. Her unbridled enthusiasm, total dedication and 110% commitment to her job is unmatched. Coming from a travel and tourism background she has embraced the production industry with open arms. Not only does she give all of herself to her work, but she has so much fun doing it. She is an invaluable addition to the Prinz team and lives the Prinz motto "Anything is Possible".

Allan James - Prinz Productions
Allan James Lipp - Locations

Allan James Lipp (AJ)

What would a team be without its “do it all” and “know it all” member? AJ can just about do anything. Capturing and documenting our locations, AJ is the guy to find that exact location you’re looking for. His photographic, design and IT skills are an added bonus and make him invaluable to the team. An empathetic lover of animals, always has his bag packed for an adventure. He does not have the word no in his vocabulary and his infectious positivity makes him a joy to be around.

Who we are

We are a dynamic team of individuals, each contributing to the team with their unique abilities and character. As a team we have worked together around the globe for many years. We work hard but also know how to have fun at the same time. It takes dedication, keen attention to detail and an uncanny ability to get the job done no matter what. Founded in Cape Town in 1998. The owners, Sebastian Prinz and André Loftus have experience in all facets of the industry and remain involved on all levels within the company, having passed on their knowledge and go get attitude to the rest of the Prinz team.

What we do ...

  • We present and source locations, models, crew, equipment, props and specialist services.
  • We organize castings, permissions, set building, SFX and art direction.
  • We take care of catering, accommodation, insurance, travel, transport and budget management.
  • We are competitively priced, cost effective and always deliver on time.
  • We have cutting edge technology, awe inspiring locations, experienced crew and outstanding suppliers.
  • We research and find new and interesting shoot possibilities all over the globe.
Production shots - Prinz Productions
Prinz Productions office in Cape Town

Where we’ve been

Being Founded in 1998, we’ve come a long way. We have produced in South Africa, Portugal, Namibia, Mauritius, Zanzibar, Mexico, France, USA and Mozambique. We now have permanent offices in both Cape Town and Lisbon. It has been a remarkable journey, with many incredible shoots. Sharing the passion to create continues to excite and energize our team.

Where we are going

We are always looking ahead, which is integral to seeing ourselves as solution finders rather than problem solvers. Although we’re a boutique production service company with a focus on personal attention, we always aspire to do BIG things. The future is bright and we embrace it! Come and share it with us.

Still and film production shots