A Stills Production in Namibia
By: Sebastian Prinz   (2015-02-06)

André Loftus returned from an exhilarating production in Namibia in early January and shares his impressions and insights into this amazing country.

"Where there is drought, there is soul. You will find plenty of soul and peace and quiet in the desert, far from the noise and interruption of modern life. Namibia offers you a photographic canvas second to none. A truly breathtaking place."

•    Tell us about shooting in Namibia in general, and then more specifically about the Picard shoot that you've just been working on.

Namibia is only a 2 hour flight from Cape Town, and has direct flights from Europe with Air Namibia and Condor, which makes getting crew, models and equipment into this carnet country simple. The local crew are fantastic and warm, and the German culture allows for some great food. Namibia is safe for travelers, and has a well maintained infrastructure, making shooting anywhere a possibility. Local crews have the ability to pop up mobile camps in no time if required.

•    What does Namibia have to offer?

Ghost towns and huge canyons, rolling red dunes and shipwrecks (some lying in the dunes), safari lodges and open spaces.

•    How do you organise a production to cope with extreme desert conditions in places like Sossusvlei?

Using people from the area to help carry equipment, especially in the sand, and knowing the conditions is key.
Also going at the right time of the year, and choosing the right area to shoot in. Gazebos for shade, ice, and a ‘can do anything’ approach.

•    What were the highlights of the trip?

The 10 miles on dunes a day location recce to find the perfect dunes.
The Eisbein and sauerkraut in Swakopmund at Koekie’s with a Hansa draft and the Underberg afterwards, of course!
And getting to know people I hadn’t worked with yet. This was a really fun production.


Thanks André, we look forward to seeing more images from this memorable Namibia production and will be sharing them here very soon.

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