Spring/Summer with Aigle

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Spring in Cape Town

21 August 2014, by Sebastian Prinz

Cape Town is seeing the first signs of spring now, bringing new energy and zest into our lives, and we’re looking forward to the beginning of a sparkling new production season here at Prinz Productions’ head office.

We’ve had good winter rains this year which means that the landscapes around Cape Town are beautifully green and the spring flowers are emerging in full force. The flower season starts in August and continues through September with fields of white daisies followed by carpets of gold, pink and purple in the various flower reserves and farmland up the West Coast and into Namaqualand.


And our gorgeous beaches are just as lovely in winter and spring as in summer, with stunning sunsets, such as this one at Melbosstrand beach. Some of us have even braved the waters on particular warm sunny weekends recently!  

Table Mountain National Park is coming out in its spring colours, with confetti sprinklings of flowering fynbos and the whales are to be seen breaching along the coast of False Bay, so it’s a wonderful time to be out and about in Cape Town, even if there are a few more rain storms to weather before the spring turns to summer!

We look forward to welcoming you to South Africa soon, whether it's for spring flowers or summer sunshine!

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