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Photographer Feature - Jens Ihnken

19 November 2015, by Sebastian Prinz

Next in our series of features, we talk to precise, profound and captivating photographer, Jens Ihnken, about his photography, favourite locations and his recent shoot in Cape Town with Bruno Banani.

What inspires you as a photographer and your photography?
It´s the challenge - and I am not talking about the competition with other photographers.
I am talking about the fun transforming a concept or a layout into a real thing - INTO A PHOTO.

I enjoy putting all the things together that are needed for a shoot - making plans on how and where to shoot - dealing with budgets, meeting new people, producers, assistant- stylists - models etc.  and certainly seeing the interesting locations you get to see  - that all is a great gift - and that's what I like so much about being a photographer.

To get inspired I love to look at magazines and movies, my all-time favorite photographers are Irving Penn and someone named Mike Disfarmer.
It is so important to keep your eyes wide open and to look at as many great photos as you can, because there are so many great new photographers out there in print and online publications.

Where are your favourite locations in the world to shoot and why?
I like to travel - so every new location is a great location.
I do definitely love to shoot in Cape Town, because the photography business is taken very seriously - and people working in that industry are professionals.
Added benefit is that from Frankfurt, where I live, it is so easy to get there - you can reach it overnight without suffering from any jet lag .
Other favorite locations of mine are  Barcelona, New York and certainly Berlin.

Your favourite world location personally?
New York City

Tell us about your shoot for Bruno Banani in Cape Town with Prinz Productions in May 2015.
… you mean making the impossible - possible?
ha ha ha …. within three days of shooting we had to have a fire explosion, different stunts with the models, drone flights for the making of, a lot of set building, special effects, half-naked guys hanging from a pole on a public street -  that had to look like he was hanging from a helicopter and so on and so forth ….
15 key visuals for different licenses plus 40 catalogue shots on different locations was quite a task for three days of shooting and a tight budget.

I needed professional support and a producer who was willing to think creatively fo find solutions. Knowing Andre Loftus from another production, I was pretty sure that he is the right guy for this job.
He put together a stunning team of people that enjoy their work and I enjoyed working with them.
Everyone was sharp and focused from the very first to the very last moment - a great experience.
If there were questions or problems coming up - it was always taken care of., This allowed me to concentrate solely on what I do best, taking photos.
The client was very happy about the precision in preparation of the entire Prinz Productions team and that we made it work within the estimated budget.
The shoot was a great success for all of us.

All images by Jens Ihnken, from shoots for clients including Picard (below), Bruno Banani (above), Calvin Klein, Enfant de Paris and Barutti.

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