Panache - Autumn/Winter

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April 2015 Production Update

2 April 2015, by Sebastian Prinz

Summer is drawing to a close here in Cape Town but there’s no sign of our rewardingly busy production season slowing down just yet. Autumn is still a fantastic time to shoot in South Africa, with plenty of sunny days, cloudless skies, still mornings and a beautifully clear light, and during April we’re looking forward to welcoming Celibes and Mamas and Papas to Cape Town and Fynch Hatton to Madikwe, outside Johannesburg.

It’s been a great season with so many legendary teams to work with including Picard, the wonderful people of Bilka and the amazing team for the Stihl Calendar 2016 with photographer Esther Haase. This was a stills shoot of incredible calibre and class that we worked very hard on to get every detail just right, and we can’t wait to see the final pics. It included the great experience of walking on the wildside with cheetahs.

Portugal season kicks off

Meanwhile it’s spring in the Northern hemisphere, which means that the production season in Portugal is already underway. Our Lisbon office is humming, with five productions already scheduled for April and a happy spring vibe and fresh landscapes filling the teams with enthusiasm and energy.

Cape Fires

The fires that raged over the Cape Peninsula in early March have left behind what seems like a devastated moonscape of ash and blackened branches on the mountain slopes behind Cape Town. While it is tragic that a life and some houses were lost fighting the fires, and we remember this, fire is a natural part of the cycle of fynbos vegetation and is needed for its regeneration. Already after one short rain storm there are rare blooms and shoots emerging from the ash.

Fortunately none of our shoots were directly affected by the fires and we were using locations well away from the affected areas. We did see the effects that fire has on the colour balance of the light during one shoot near Lion’s Head, when smoke started billowing up behind the hill. However the orange cast of the light was the last thing on the minds of the team and crew, who were all thinking of people who might be affected by this further fire. Fortunately our PM Alec Mendy quickly called to alert the relevant authorities and the fire was quickly got under control.
By next spring the mountains will once more be enveloped in a haze of new growth and our iconic landscapes will be as stunning as ever!

The Prinz Productions team looks forward to welcoming you to South Africa and Portugal very soon.

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