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Production Paradise Feature

17 November 2014, by Sebastian Prinz

Prinz Productions are delighted to once again be featured recently in Production Paradise, showing stunning images from a selection of shoots that we’ve facilitated here in South Africa.  As we say in the article: "17 years down the line and we’re still as excited about what we do as we were then. From our humble beginnings we are now considered one of the premier production companies in Cape Town.”

Africa may conjure up images of savannah grasslands, lions, elephants and giraffes browsing on thorn trees, but when it comes to locations for stills and film productions that’s only part of the story. Though as you can see from these stunning images for clients FHM and Aigle, elephants and lions are all in a day’s work for some productions!
South Africa is renowned in the industry for offering ‘the whole world in one country’, so whether you are looking for modern cityscape, fabulous beaches, historic wine estates, forest, desert, stunning mountains, contemporary or historic buildings, we’ve got it covered.

This summer Cape Town season is already off to a good start, so get in touch with us to find exactly what you are looking for in your next production. Whatever you need we can find it for you and deliver it together with our renowned hospitality and the world-class infrastructure that makes shooting here hassle free. Looking forward to welcoming you here very soon!

For more details of the shoot and photographer of each of these images see the Production Paradise feature.

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