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Production in Portugal is Hot!

29 May 2014, by Sebastian Prinz

A busy production season started back in February for our team in Portugal, as more and more clients discover the many reasons why Portugal has become the hottest production destination in Europe:

Location and locations

Portugal is right on the doorstep for our European clients, being just a short, affordable hop from all major European cities. The country offers a fantastic variety of location opportunities, whether you are looking for wide open landscapes or inspiring architecture. Modern city locations rub shoulders with traditional European architecture, both charmingly shabby and cosmopolitan chic; there are pristine wild beaches and urban beach promenades, dramatic wildernesses, mountains, vineyards and traditional pastoral scenery.

In Portugal it is much easier to acquire permits for shooting in private and public locations than in most other European countries and our extensive online location database makes it a breeze to find just the location you’re looking for.


Your home away from home has to be comfortable and production friendly so that you can focus on the shoot and relax completely after hours. Prinz Productions have identified the best places to stay and negotiated favourable rates for our clients. From 5 star city centre hotel to cozy country B&B or a chic beach resort, all our selected hotels understand the particular needs of our production clients and make sure you have a fabulous stay. And then there’s the food to look forward to, Portugal rapidly growing its reputation for gastronomy.


A new and exciting location though it may be, Portugal has all the infrastructure required and Prinz have a wide network of state of the art lighting rentals, prop owners and support vehicles to draw upon. We offer large cargo vans so that packing space isn’t an issue, wardrobe vehicles and comfortable 9-seater people carriers. Of course a coffee machine and generator is all part of our service to keep all the crew happy and smiling.

While most European production teams bring their own crew, Prinz can easily source friendly and efficient technical and creative crew locally.


Portugal’s mild Mediterranean climate is another big attraction. Lisbon has warm dry summers with an average July temperature of 24°C and mild winters. Interestingly its latitude is only 2 degrees different from Cape Town’s (in the opposite direction from the Equator of course!), which gives it that wonderful light so beloved of photographers, especially those golden afternoons that seem to last endlessly from 3pm until past 8pm. Long summer days are perfect for production with 14½ hours of daylight on the longest day itself.

So as a cost-effective destination full of gorgeous locations and weather that seems expressly designed for production, it’s no surprise that Portugal has become a favourite shoot destination in Europe. Combine that with our renowned Prinz Productions service and you have a winning recipe for a successful and enjoyable film or stills production. We look forward to welcoming you to Portugal one day soon!

Work done
To mention but a few clients and their successful shoots in Portugal: Fransa, Bon a Parte, Føtex, Scirocco, Elements, Production Factory, Secrets, Otto, Ellos Mia, Ellos Eva and many more still arriving and waiting to be revealed.

Keep watching the space

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